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flyGATEWAY’s Mission

Gateway Aviation is the Lehigh Valley branch of flyGATEWAY’s

pilot training facilities. Located at the Queen City Airport (KXLL) in

Allentown, Pennsylvania. We offer top quality flight training from

the first hour toward your Private Pilot license to your Airline 

Transport Pilot (ATP) Multi-Engine Pilot's certificate. Queen City

Airport provides the ideal airport with low commercial traffic, a

controlled practice area and is located just minutes from Lehigh

Valley International Airport (ABE).

Whether your dreams are to become a Professional Commercial Pilot  

or simply to learn to fly to take friends and family for trips to the beach,

Gateway Aviation is the school for you. Gateway is a FAA Part 141

Certified Flight School. Our Allentown location is an approved school with Liberty University's Flight Training Affiliates Program. This program allows students to get a degree while fulfilling their flight requirements with Gateway Aviation. If pleasure flying is your ticket, we can also accommodate all of your needs with our FAA Part 61 programs.

                                                                                         Whatever your dreams, we understand your passion!  All staff and instructors                                                                                            share the same dreams and will do our best to provide you with the safest,                                                                                                most professional and fun flight training anywhere. And if money is your                                                                                                    worry we pride ourselves on providing the most affordable flight training in                                                                                                the area, we also may have student loans to help fund your future.

                                                                                         Want to learn more? The best way to check it all out is with our Introductory                                                                                              Lesson for just $99.  Receive a half hour of flight time and have all your

                                                                                         questions answered, one on one, with a Certified Flight Instructor. Call today                                                                                              and schedule an Introductory Lesson.


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