​​​Military Rotor Transition Program

Becoming a Commercial Pilot unlocks endless opportunities in the Aviation world. This program is for those that want to become an airline pilot for passenger or cargo, a charter pilot providing multifaceted transport services, or a corporate pilot flying for a large multinational corporation. With the current pilot shortage, a little hard work can get you wherever you please in the industry. Now is the time for you to become a pilot and seize your dream! flyGATEWAY provides a combination of the following certifications to give you everything you need for a career as a professional pilot – the Private, Instrument, and Commercial Single and Multiengine Land. Our curriculum contains everything essential to successfully obtain your Commercial Pilot Certificate with flight ratings for Instrument and Multiengine. Through a combination of simulator, flight, and ground lessons, your instructors will provide you with tools to pass exams and develop fundamental knowledge that you will utilize throughout your career. Obtaining a Commercial Pilot License for someone with no flight experience consists of the following licenses and ratings:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial License; Single Engine (CSEL) and/or Multi Engine CMEL)
  • Optional: Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Optional: Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFI-I)
  • Optional: Multi-Engine Instructor- (MEI)
  • Optional: Multi-Engine Instructor – Instrument (MEI-I)

After you earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can be hired to fly! Our multiple locations on the East Coast, including: New Castle, DE; Allentown, PA; and Philadelphia suburb Blue Bell, PA give you the perfect opportunity to fly in multiple types of airspace and practice right alongside the jumbo commercial airliners. This diversity, along with our intensive career-oriented program, will give you perspective from many different angles and teach you to maintain composure when emergencies arise. Give yourself the edge that airlines and corporate flight departments look for when hiring potential pilots. You will be assured that you will be the elite choice when advancing through our program here at flyGATEWAY aviation school.


The Rotor Transition Program is a pipeline program for military and civilian pilots holding a helicopter commercial license with instrument privileges of either 750 hours for military or 1500 hours for civilian. You will transition from helicopter to fixed wing by acquiring the required 250 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) flight time and airplane commercial multi-engine and instrument ratings. You will reacquire rules and regulations, get comfortable with complex fixed-wing aircraft systems, and polish your skillset to become a world class airline captain. We know you have a lot of the knowledge already. Our instructors help you convert that knowledge and maximize your unique skills to become an airline pilot. Take advantage of your hard-earned benefits, as well as the incomparable aeronautical experience you have by elevating yourself to the big leagues.

Earning your pilot certificate is a truly incredible achievement! It affords you the ability to travel anywhere you choose with the freedom to pick up and go on your schedule. In addition to the personal fulfillment you're sure to experience while flying, you will be joining an elite group of individuals with a rather exceptional skill. Private pilot training with flyGATEWAY flight school is carefully designed to be respective of both time and budget. Working together in a classroom environment for ground school, and then individually with instructors for both simulator and flight lessons helps you develop collective learning with your classmates and gives you the opportunity to ask the important questions in a deeper classroom setting. You also know what to expect each day of flight training and will be well equipped ahead of time. When you complete your Private Pilot course at flyGATEWAY, you will be confident and ready to advance to the next rating, should you want to become more proficient independently or elevate yourself into a career pilot. Your Private Pilot Certificate allows you to fly in Visual Flight Rule (VFR) conditions, which is the absence of clouds and other meteorological disturbances. In order to fly an aircraft in adverse weather, your Private Pilot Certificate will not be enough. You must have your Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rating to be Pilot in Command during non-VFR flight conditions.